Fading Floral


I’m such an awkward human being


Still Awkward


Back View

kelsi_6.19.14_088kelsi_6.19.14_104kelsi_6.19.14_123kelsi_6.19.14_110kelsi_6.19.14_122While shopping at Forever 21, I came across this super adorable floral romper. This one to me is a different fit then a lot of others I have tried on. It is very flowy, but tight fitting at the same time. I am wearing this floral romper (obviously) with this statement necklace, and braided sandals (No longer available, but similar here. The funny thing was that right after this part of the shoot was completed, my sandal broke, good thing is that I had them for about 2 years, so if you ever find these I highly recommend them.


Look 1: Exchange sandals for a pair of wedges for a more dressy and grownup look.

Look 2: Add a gold bangle/bracelets, gold rings, and even layer necklaces or a more edgy vibe.


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