Changing Mind

For the past few years, I have been dreaming of a lavish life. Recently, I have realized that it is one of the most laborious things to conquer in a lifetime. I have never been the person who was rich and “prefamous”, but I didn’t start (I really haven’t started anything in reality) from absolutely nothing. My beautiful mother has tried her hardest to keep me healthy,happy, and the best to her abilties.

Anyways, I always wanted to be a designer, and because of this, I looked up to large corporations (EX: Marc Jacobs, Micheal Kors, Chanel, etc…). And I started designing, since last Christmas (2013). I would stay up for hours creating clothing that fit my fancy. (Love that phrase) I tried to expand the love of other’s fashion choices. I drew formal, streetwear, winter wear, summer wear, and everything I could think of. After some time, my love started to die for this great thing I loved. I still love to design, but I could never do this for a occupation for the rest of my life. I spent hours upon hours reading about the designing world, looking at colleges, wadges, and things of that matter.

I started to, not love it anymore. But, with my passion for fashion, I still wanted to be in the fashion business. So I researched, and I stumbled along something that I would love to do and pursue for my lifetime. I used to read magazines, especially fashion, gossip, and hair. I would mainly read People’s (or similar) magazine and go to the “Best Dressed” or “Worst Dressed”. I would usually have a friend, and we would choose who had the best to worst. We would compare and discuss why we thought which was better.


With that, I have a new aspiration (hopefully this one will last). I hopefully, with my determination and creativity, will soon become a editorial for a large magazine.


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