Moschino Winter 2015

Just WOW.

Moschino never seems to disappoint the world of fashion. They bring old styles and cultures and transform them into new items.

Moschino-Fall-Winter-2015-London-Collections-Men-005 moschino-fall-2015-collection-2-320x480Moschino-Fall-Winter-2015-London-Collections-Men-040

Some of my favourite looks.

To begin, lets talk about their setup.//// They definitely created a winter scene. By letting the guest and models be snowed on, to the gigantic evergreens in the middle, the snow frosted ground, and how the models walk in a “U” formed runway.

If we learned anything form Moschino, the bigger, the better. Moschino really wanted everything to be hefty styled. The coats (Some even looked like blankets), the boots, the pants, the scarfs, and even the hats were large over-sized.
The hats were very slouchy or just the average Alaskan fur hat.
The prints were so bright and in your face, so it seemed to be everything else they wore blended perfectly. They managed to make summer wear into winter wear. The looks went from “I live in Alaska” to “It is currently raining and it is chilly outside.
Moshino definitely did not forget one thing,
The geometric 90’s and 80’s printed pieces mixed with the fur really would stand out against the stark white snow. Also, they used basic animal prints and somehow, made them work and blend greatly.Mixing different types of plaid is hard to do, and using the right techniques, they did it.
Sparkles and jewels were an absolute must to the team. If they could incorporate them, it was there and shining.

Lets just say, if I am extremely wealthy, I would wear some these extravagant pieces to keep warm and bundle up with season.


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